Vizio (VSD210) High Definition Audio Dock Review

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An audiophile like you and me needs to have a constant companion to bump up our iTunes library.  Remember that if there is a need to play or to know the lyrics of a particular song, they are just there ready to be utilized.  The Vizio High Definition Audio Dock is the docking speaker that I highly recommend in situations like this as it makes the most in terms of music streaming in my iPad.  If I want to listen to Grammy Award winning singles, this product will certainly let you enjoy every beat of the music played on it.  This is not solely for music but also for other features of your iDevices such as your games, movies and other interactive apps in your iPad.  It comes with a remote control favorable for ‘lazy moments’ wherever you are in your room.

Technical Specs:

vizio2Manufacturer: Vizio
Model Number: VSD210
Color: Black
Speaker Configuration: 2 – 64mm mid range driver 2 – 19mm tweeter
Subwoofer Speaker: 1 – 100mm subwoofer
Audio Dock Buttons: Power, Input, Volume -, Volume +
Remote: Yes, Power, Volume -/+, Mute, Track FF/RW, Play/Pause, Input
Power Input: 120 – 240 Volts
Certifications: Apple WWi-MFi certification
Compliance: FCC, Energy Star 2.0, UL (US and Canada)
Energy Star: 2.0

Sound Pressure Level (SPL):
Left and Right Channels: 80.4dB
Subwoofer: 84dB

Frequency Response:
Left and Right Channels: 165Hz – 20Khz
Subwoofer: 40Hz – 200Hz

Dimensions and Weight:
Product Dimensions: 17″W x 6.7″H x 5.9″D
Product Weight: 5.4 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions: 22″W x 10″H x 9.7″D
Packaging Weight: 8 lbs.

What’s in the Box?

1. Vizio VSD210  High Definition Audio Dock
2. Power Cord
3. 3.55 mm audio cable
4. Remote Control

Powerful Audio Upgrade

The Vizio High Definition Audio Dock is the perfect partner for your iDevices as it will upgrade your usual listening habit.  This unit has 4 professionally tuned speakers.  This means that it has a built-in 4-inch subwoofer which is responsible for the high-fidelity audio output of your music.    It also comes with a very good and deep bass sound level.

In terms of sound quality, this device is ahhmazing!  Listening to R&B songs and Tracy Chapman’s album is heaven. It has High Definition quality that the finest details like guitar strings and piano tunes are very clear. It can be emphasized by this small speaker dock.  This is what premium sound is all about.

So whether, the speaker is located in your living room or the kitchen, good music will still fill the room with its perfect sound quality.

Dock, Charge and Share

As an audiophile, you are in authority when it comes to playlists, so sharing your personal music files to important people like family and friends is a pleasure to do.  The Vizio Audio Dock makes this ‘sharing’ of music simple and easy.

Moreover, while your iDevice is docked and is charging, you can just pick and share a song. There is no need to wait for a full battery status for music sharing to be done.  This makes docking, charging and sharing a simultaneous and fast task to do.

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Modern Design

The Vizio docking speaker is a great add on to your home entertainment system.  It has a modern design that can easily infuse to any room setting.   Be it in your living room, your den, study room or even the kitchen, it can turn into a beautiful piece of equipment.  It can even spice up your backyard barbecue get-togethers with its chic design.

It is also portable and handy.  Transferring or transporting it from one place to another is hassle free.

Remote Control

This device comes with a stylish remote control that will help you turn on and off the device at a distance.  Other control buttons can also be used such as playback and volume to suite your needs.  It can function well to an approximately 16-18 feet distance.

The remote control has the on/off button, volume, next and previous song options and the input switching such that you have a choice to use the one that is docked on the speaker or the one attached in the jack making music more flexible for you.

Apple Compatibility

vizio1All generation iDevices can easily connect with this speaker dock.  Specifically the iPod touch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation), iPod Classic, iPod nano (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3GS, iPhone, iPad 2, iPad

3.55 mm Jack for Your Other Devices

This device is so great because it has a 3.55mm auxiliary port with a standard headphone jack that can directly connect to other audio devices such as your MP3s, MP4, android phones and almost all devices.  Connectivity will never be your problem as long as your jack is just standing by.

Product Advantages:

-  Sound quality is great for the price
-  Easy to set-up and use

Product Shortcomings:

- Cannot charge any of your iDevices directly on its dock with covers on (although the audio auxiliary cable is an alternative)
-  No Bluetooth connection

What Are Other People Saying?

“Rich tones, good enough bass (for the size of the device) and fills the room nicely.”
- RichardK

“I am glad I got this item, the sound is excellent and I my iPhone fits perfectly with the case on.”
- Grace

“I bought this sound dock based on sound and price. It is a great product plenty of power and fills large spaces with quality music.”

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Availability and Price

The Vizio (VSD210) High Definition Audio Dock is readily available at Amazon and has a price range of $70 to $90, depending on the supplier. Buy the product by clicking here.

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